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The animation could use a little work, but his was very good, pretty funny too. The animation just seems choppy in a few places, like the images didn't transition too well. It might just be me, or it might be your style, whatever.

Also, in response to Totalolness, did you even read the description? Or notice the 3 'normal' bronies that were embarrassed because of the main character? That was the point. This video is showing what a lot of people think about bronies because of the few freaks in the community. It's stands to common sense however that not every brony is like that, obviously. You don't need to justify yourself as a brony, just be yourself, and no one will really care.

Sorry for this silly bit when this is supposed to be a review.

Bantam, how slow is your PC!? My PC is crap and this loaded in about a second. I feel bad for you, this should take not time at all to load. Anyways, love this series guys, can't wait for more, though I'm genuinely scared for what else could possibly make the episodes any more insane and disturbing. Seriously, Shed.MOV was messed up.

Nice job, short and cute, getting the point fairly well. Also, since no one said it, RD flies out of the destroyed house in the first half a second of the view of the town. She quickly goes towards the screen leaving out the top right

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You royaly pissed me off!!!

It's not your game, its your advice in the description. I got about halfway through this game, its very fun though insanely difficult. The problem is the game suddenly stopped working so i cleared my cookies like you said. What happened? I LOST EVERY SINGLE GAME DATA FOR ANY GAME I EVER PLAYED ON THE INTERNET EVER!!! INCLUDING THIS ONE!!! It's not your falt, it just would have been nice to warn people about that beforehand. It's just upsetting because i play LOTS of internet RPGs and stuff, and now all that progress is gone forever. Anyways, great job on the game, very interesting concept, looking forward to a sequel that is maybe a little bit easier because I'm good at other tower defenses, but this i never have enough money to upgrade or buy more towers, maybe make it easier to get money or make things cheaper

FrozenFire responds:

Usually they have like time filters too (Clear from - Last Hour - 2 hours - 1 week - ALL TIME)
since it's just this game I'd say last hour is the only necessary option.
Sorry bout that :(

Itwas fun, got a little boring halfway through

I liked the game alot, could have been better though. Im pissed though because i won every single medal on the game, then a refresh the page and it says i only have half of them. I beat it on overdosed, found the perfect combo (maxed gatling and carbine) and i dont get the rewards!? the hell!!!? Sorry for the rage, i wish the game ahad more of an ending and that there was more to do, at wave 7 i got kindas bored, and by wave 12 i had everything maxed out already

Umm, that didnt work

great game, i got every single ending, clicked on all the secret items, but i only got 4 of the 7 medals, wtf. I got the brawl one, the justice, badass, and sneaky endings, but it didnt give me the donut ending, the all 18 fails, or the secret, wtf. 9/10 for the medals not working, otherwise great game

PuffballsUnited responds:

Did you see all 18 DIFFERENT fails? (You get a fail for not clicking anything during timed options) There are several donuts throughout the game. Did you find the secret medal?

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Great job man, I know what your feeling

This was a masterpiece, different, but great. If I ever made a movie or a game or something, this would be the song I would use when say, the main character's best friend dies or something. I still feel the need to say sorry even though you already told the people below me your fine now, I'm just like that. Also if you haven't noticed, I'm also a bit of a Grammar Nazi, even though I hate Nazis...

Please put the lyrics

I downloaded your Facebook version with lyrics, i don't know why you don't like it, it was amazing. Please put the version with lyrics up as well. Either way, great job on both, but your right, this sounds a little empty without the lyrics

Great job

This was amazing, even if i prefer darker remixes, and at the end i noticed many things, what sounded like a marowak cry, a reverse of the song or something similar to it (do do do do da da da da) and some kind of high pitched buzzing squeal (buried alive maybe!?) oh well, i think i missed it completely but tell me if im wrong or right please

coleknows responds:

Actually, those weird noises are from some of the instruments. I have some really weird sounds O_O

But thx for the review ^_^

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